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2018 MAM Business Meeting - Minutes

7 May 2019 7:16 PM | Matthew Heintzelman (Administrator)



Thursday, May 10, 2018

5:30 p.m.

Bernhard 107

Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo, Michigan


President Abraham Quintanar convened the meeting in Bernhard 107 on the Western Michigan University campus at 5:45 p.m.

  •  I.       Approval of Minutes- Mr. Quintanar presented the business meeting minutes of Thursday, May 11, 2017. It was moved and seconded (Hawley/Hudson) to approve the minutes. The minutes were approved unanimously.  Quintanar also asked to change the order of business from the printed agenda.  Everyone agreed to this by acclimation.
  • II.       Election of New Officers– Alex Kaufman, Sean Lewis, and Carlos Hawley were elected Councilors, with Bonnie Erwin serving as an alternate.
  • III.       Old Business - There was no old business.
  • IV.       Report of the President—a Mr. Quintanar welcomed everyone to the Conference.
  • V.       Report of MAM Conference at University of Kansas—Mr. Hawley reported the Fall Conference was very successful.  There were 15 sessions, and 2 keynote addresses, as well as a visit to a library special collections session.  He reminded everyone to visit our Facebook page and website to view pictures of the Conference.
  • VI.       Report of the Treasurer—Ms. Hudson gave the Treasurer’s report.  She noted that we had moved our funds to Ohio, and that Ms. Figg is the second signer on the accounts. 
  • MAM’s beginning operating account balance, May 1, 2017 was $40,045.11.  Deposits were $1209.51.  Expenses were $1083.50 (Wild Apricot Host Server, Website).  Our total funds are $40,171.12.  Ms. Hudson noted that we are in sound financial shape.

    Action Item:  It was moved and seconded that we increase our dues.  Discussion was held, with Ms. Hudson explaining that we need to raise the dues, because we have $3500 in annual expenses.  Based on a membership of 75 members and 50 emeriti, we would be able to bring in $3600/year.  The council approved the emeriti rate at $25.00, and regular faculty at $35.  Institutional memberships will be set at $50.00, and student memberships will be set at $15.  The Sustaining emeriti will be set at 100, and Patron Membership will be $300.  There was a friendly amendment offered that we include adjuncts at the $15.00 level. This new dues structure will go into effect in January of 2019.  The vote was held with 17 in favor, and 0 opposed.  Motion carried.
  • VII.       Report of the Convener of Conferences (including Sessions for 2018 International Congress)—Ms. Langdon reported that MAM has been approved for 4 sessions for next year's congress, and that this is the same number of sessions that we've maintained for a few years. She has sent a call for proposals to membership via e-mail. She is still taking proposals, but she will need them by May 25th. Ms. Langdon reminded everyone that proposals need to include a 100-word rationale for the session and that participants need to be members of MAM to be involved in future MAM-sponsored sessions.  She also noted that if there are less than 10 applicants, we put them forward to the Congress for them to decide which ones to include.  If we have more than 10 applicants, the Council will decide which ones will come forward.
  • VIII.       Report on EnarratioMs. Figg reported that there will be a new volume this year, and the editing is expected to be finished in June.  Ms. Langdon announced that the next volume is underway, and asked that if anyone is interested in writing book reviews to let her know.  Mr. Heintzelman noted that he would put details on Facebook
  • IX.       Report of the Editor of Nuntia—Mr. Heintzelman reported that plans to make Nuntia into a blog-type newsletter—look for the new embodiment, soon.
  • X.       Invitations for Future MAM Conferences

The 2018 MAM Conference will be held at Purdue. 

The 2019 MAM Conference will be held at University of Northern Colorado.

The 2020 MAM Conference will be held at Dickenson College

The 2021 MAM Conference will be held at the University of Minnesota.

  • XI.       New Business—
  • a.     Discussion was held as to whether or not we should formalize a position for a graduate student to advertise MAM to other graduate students in social media, as an Amendment to our Constitution.  The question of whether or not this should be a paid position was discussed, as well.
  •  i.     Ms. Langdon moved and Hawley seconded that we come up with language and add a stipend to the position.  The position should have a specific term, and it should be open to graduate students who are members of MAM.  The vote was unanimous.
  • b.     Ms. Langdon moved to have Enarratio change from having both print and electronic versions to an electronic version.  Mr. Hawley seconded the motion.  Discussion was held, and Ms. Langdon noted that the electronic version will be more cost and time efficient.  She also pointed out that it would be very easy to send everyone a PDF copy that they could print out if they wished.  She would like to begin with Volume 22 or 23.  The vote was unanimous.
  • c.     Ms. Sweeney said that MAM needs a mission statement.  We will survey members to see what kinds of things they want to see with MAM.  The mission statement idea and the survey results will be discussed at Purdue. 
  • d.     Mr. Hawley suggested forming a membership committee.


  • XII.       MAM Member Achievements, Promotions, and Graduations
    Ms. Sweeney announced that she was a fellow at York University.   
    Ms. Langdon shared that she was promoted to Full Professor and book came out this spring (2018).
    Mr. Kaufman announced that he is teaching at Ball State in the Honors College.
  • Ms. Bixby has stepped down after 20+ years from being the Treasurer and Executive Secretary of MAM (she started in 1996!).  She kept everything going in proper form, and we will truly miss her.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed, and Mr. Quintanar adjourned the meeting at 7:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Annette Morrow

Executive Secretary

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