Medieval Association of the Midwest

What is MAM?

The Medieval Association is a community of scholars spread across the Midwest area of the United States, as well as interested scholars from Canada and other parts of the United States.

"The purpose of the Association is to promote study, criticism, research, and exchange of ideas related to all aspects of the medieval period. Methods of achieving this purpose might include faculty exchanges, inter-institutional cooperation, annual meetings, the publication of a newsletter, and particular encouragement of young scholars." [From the MAM constitution, available here as an Adobe Acrobat file (pdf)]

Useful Information about MAM



Officers and council academic affiliations (2021).pdf


Term Ending 2024:

Mickey Sweeney

VICE PRESIDENT (prev conf coord)

Term Ending 2022:

Kristin Bovaird-Abbo




Term Ending 2024:

Harriet Hudson


Term Ending 2022:

Heather Hill-Vasquez

Wendy Matlock

David O'Neil

Sara Petrocillo

Term Ending 2024:

Molly Martin

Sean Lewis

Carlos Hawley

Yonsoo Kim

Paula Leverage


Kristen Figg

(Co-Editor of Enarratio)

Matthew Heintzelman

(MAM Website editor)

Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, St. John’s University

Matthew O’Donnell

(Communications Director)

Department of English, Indiana University

Alison Langdon

(Co-Editor of Enarratio)

Department of English, Western Kentucky University

Jana K Schulman

(Director of the Medieval Institute)

Western Michigan University

Steve Yandell
(Convener of Conferences)

History of MAM

1975: At a CARA meeting at Saint John's University, initial discussions are held to promote medieval studies in the Midwest. An outgrowth of these discussions is the Medieval Association of the Midwest . Early leaders included--to name a few--Robert Kindrick, Merle Fifield, and Christopher Kleinheinz.

1979: Newsletter--Nuntia--is introduced.

1986: First MAM annual meeting, at Ball State University (Indiana)

1991: First issue of MAM's proceedings is published. Today this journal is known as Enarratio.

The Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM) is a non-profit association of scholars devoted to the study of the Middle Ages. For more information, contact the website editor, Matthew Heintzelman.

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