Medieval Association of the Midwest

What is MAM?

The Medieval Association is a community of scholars spread across the Midwest area of the United States, as well as interested scholars from Canada and other parts of the United States.

"The purpose of the Association is to promote study, criticism, research, and exchange of ideas related to all aspects of the medieval period. Methods of achieving this purpose might include faculty exchanges, inter-institutional cooperation, annual meetings, the publication of a newsletter, and particular encouragement of young scholars." [From the MAM constitution, available here as an Adobe Acrobat file (pdf)]

Useful Information about MAM

2023 Revised MAM Constitution




Term Ending 2024:

Mickey Sweeney

VICE PRESIDENT (prev conf coord)

Term Ending 2023: Alexander Lee Kaufman


SECRETARY (three-year term)

Newly Elected in 2023: Amity Reading

former/transitioning out  Harriet Hudson (per grace)

     Description: taking, copying, and distributing the minutes of official meetings of the Board and Business meetings; preparing solicitation flyers, keeping the                   database of members up-to-date.  

TREASURER (six-year term)  

Ending 2024: Harriet Hudson

Newly Elected 2023: Wendy Matlock

Description: Maintenance and oversight of MAM’s bank account; deposit and write checks. Maintain financial records, submit an annual report & attend MAM Council and business meetings, both virtual and in-person. As an officer, the Treasurer helps to determine policies and procedures relating to expenditures. Manually update membership database on Wild Apricot as necessary and insure that annual e-mail renewal reminders are sent to members via Wild ApricotMost members join and renew membership through MAM’s website. Wild Apricot automatically notifies the Treasurer of these actions by e-mail. On-line payments are deposited directly into MAM’s bank account. Since Wild Apricot records on-line transactions and updates the membership database automatically, there’s minimal work involved for the Treasurer.


Alison Langdon


Alexander Lee Kaufman  

Coordinator of Sessions (three year term):

Outgoing 2024: Stephen Yandel

Newly Appointed: Tory Schendel-Vyvoda (ending 2027)

Description of Coordinator of Sessions (created March 2024)

The convenor of conferences, a member of MAM’s Executive Council, is responsible for organizing and executing papers sessions, panels, and organizational meetings sponsored by the Medieval Association of the Midwest at academic conferences. These conferences include regional, national, and international events, though the primary work centers on organizing MAM-sponsored events at the International Medieval Congress held each spring at Western Michigan University. Key responsibilities including soliciting session ideas at MAM’s annual meeting at the Congress, submitting session proposals (typically between 5-7 sessions) to the Congress online platform in June, encouraging papers submissions for accepted sessions in September, organizing business meetings for MAM at the Congress (typically one for the Executive Council and the general body, which includes scheduling rooms and food), and, finally, overseeing the execution of MAM’s sessions during the conference. In some years MAM sponsors sessions at additional events (regional medieval conferences, Leeds), and the Convenor of Conferences oversees creation and execution of those as well.


Term Ending 2024:

Molly Martin

Sean Lewis

Carlos Hawley

Yonsoo Kim

Paula Leverage

Term Ending 2026: Thanks and welcome to our new councilors!

Emilee Howland

Michael Nagy

Libby Escobedo

Heather Hill


Business minutes 5-11-23.docx

Council minutes 5-11-23 draft.docx


The Process we follow for elections, new Constitution:

1. Nominations were solicited over the course of the year of elections year. 

2. MAM councilors approve these candidates to run with the return of a majority "yes" votes. 

3. Then we send a general request vote/email to our MAM members introducing the people who have been nominated by the councilors and we will tally what votes we receive to decide the vote. If the majority of responses are yes votes then we can proceed with calling the election and thanking those who have served and welcoming candidates into their new positions. 

FORMER Executive Board Members & Coomunications specialists

Kristen Figg

(previous Co-Editor of Enarratio)

Matthew Heintzelman

(previous MAM Website editor)

Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, St. John’s University

Matthew O’Donnell

(previous Communications Director)

Department of English, Indiana University

Alison Langdon

(Co-Editor of Enarratio)

Department of English, Western Kentucky University

Jana K Schulman

(Director of the Medieval Institute)

Western Michigan University

Past Term Ending in 2022: many thanks to these colleagues for their support and service

Wendy Matlock

David O'Neil

Sara Petrocillo

Officers and council academic affiliations (2021).pdf

History of MAM

1975: At a CARA meeting at Saint John's University, initial discussions are held to promote medieval studies in the Midwest. An outgrowth of these discussions is the Medieval Association of the Midwest . Early leaders included--to name a few--Robert Kindrick, Merle Fifield, and Christopher Kleinheinz.

1979: Newsletter--Nuntia--is introduced.

1986: First MAM annual meeting, at Ball State University (Indiana)

1991: First issue of MAM's proceedings is published. Today this journal is known as Enarratio.

The Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM) is a non-profit association of scholars devoted to the study of the Middle Ages. For more information, contact the website editor, Mickey Sweeney (

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